SimilarContent Review 2023 – Is It the Best SEO Content Optimization Tool or Not?

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While you may believe the expression “content is king” has become a cliche, you realize the importance of creating and publishing high-quality content if you’re an internet marketer.

As major search engines like Google continue to tighten their standards for the quality of content on the sites they rank, it has become critical to publish information that stands out and meets user intent.

Increase the relevance of your content and compare it to other comparable content to improve your Score.

Attempting to write content without the aid of an excellent SEO optimization tool is like attending a comic-con.

Therefore, how can you write content that ranks for the most important keywords for your business?

Here, we analyze the performance of a new SEO optimization tool called SimilarContent and its significant features and pricing.

What is SimilarContent?

SimilarContent is an SEO tool that assists us in creating SEO-optimized content that is more likely to appear on Google’s first page of results. SimilarContent assists users in determining which keywords should be added or eliminated in order to improve their content relevance score. SimilarContent allows users to compare their content relevance scores to webpages with real-time results currently ranking higher in Google search for a given search query. 

SimilarContent is a keyword research tool as well as a collection of tools for competitive analysis.

One of the very wonderful things about SimilarContent is its simplicity of use. The SEO optimization tool is user-friendly for beginners, with a straightforward dashboard and quick navigation buttons.

There is also a 14-day trial that you may utilize to evaluate SimilarContent’s products before upgrading to a premium membership.

Who is the SimilarContent For?

SimilarContent is an excellent SEO tool for any company, blogger, writers, SEO freelancers, and content marketers wishing to create high-quality SEO-optimized content.

Tools & Features of SimilarContent:

SimilarContent includes eight practical SEO tools. It enables you to develop more effective content and improve your ranking on Google and other search engines.

The SimilarContent dashboard is broken into Eight SEO Tools:
  1. My Projects
  2. Topic difficulty checker
  3. Content Optimizer
  4. Similar Headlines
  5. Topic IDEA Generator
  6. Question Analyzer
  7. Content Rewriter
  8. Keywords Density
Now, We'll see what each of these tools has to offer. After logging into SimilarContent account, we can see the following dashboard:

1. My Projects Tool

With this tool, we can see all of our projects which have been created on different sections in SimilarContent as follows:
SimilarContent My Project Tool
How can we create a new project in SimilarContent SEO Editor

2. Topic difficulty checker

Here’s what the interface for the Topic difficulty checker looks like:
SimilarContent Topic difficulty Checker

Here we need to enter the following information:

  • A search query (keyword).
  • Location (95K cities and areas worldwide)
  • Language (83 languages supported)
  • Device (Desktop/ Tablet/Mobile).

As seen in the screenshot above, there are also automated keyword suggestions.
If we do not get the location right, the entire project may fail.
For example, suppose you are a business based in the United States with a client base in the United States, and you searched for terms using China-related filters. In that case, you will be targeting China-related metrics. Perhaps you’ll rank for China.
Similarly, the other two filters help us narrow down our target language and device selection. To my mind, that is a pretty specific targeting!

What data do we get with Topic Difficulty:

Here’s a screenshot of what we get when we use SearchContent’s topic-difficulty tool to search for a keyword (Ai writhing software):
SimilarContent Topic difficulty Checker data
Topic Difficulty provides a difficulty score between 0 and 100, with several coloured difficulty levels. The lower the difficulty number indicates it is easier to write the topic. As demonstrated in the screenshot above, our “AI writhing software” topic is a good one to write about. This tool is quite handy when you’re searching for the perfect topic. For instance, if you receive a topic with a score of 60 or above, you’ll immediately see that it’s a challenging one and will likely seek an easy one instead.

Top Score

Here is the screenshot for our “AI writhing software” search:
SimilarContent Topic difficulty Checker Top Score
Top Score calculates and displays the overall optimization of a term in an article or on a webpage. We can use the Top Score to optimize our content such that it is comparable to or even better than that of our top competitor. Additionally, SimilarContent provides a chart of the top ten websites, including their content scores.

Top 10 Websites:

Additionally, SimilarContent provides a chart of the top ten websites, including their content scores. It displays the competitors’ websites that we need to beat to appear on the first page of Google results for your chosen keywords, along with their content optimization ratings. We obtain the following top ten results for the search “AI Writing software”:
SimilarContent Topic difficulty Checker Top 10 Websites

Backlink Difficulty:

This allows us to fine-tune our keyword research further. It does not display how many backlinks a competitor site has, but it shows how difficult it is to beat the site in terms of backlinks. In other words, SimilarContent calculates the number of backlinks each of the top 10 sites ranking for a given keyword has and then shows how difficult or simple it is to beat the site, as we’ll see in the SERP Analysis section of this SimilarContent review. We receive the following Backlink Difficulty results for our “AI Writing Software” keyword:
SimilarContent Topic difficulty-Checker-Backlink Difficulty

Content Optimization:

There is another helpful part titled: To Optimize Content. This section shows which keywords, in addition to the main keyword, should be used in the post to boost ranking. It also displays secondary keywords that we may use to improve our primary keyword’s ranking in Google search results. In this section, secondary keywords are presented in three ways:
  • Single and long-tail keyword (2 words, or 3 words keyword) options
  • Keyword frequency
  • TFIDF score
Our keyword “AI Writing software” brought up the following data:
SimilarContent Topic difficulty-Checker Optimize Content
The best aspect about this section is that it includes 1-word and long-tail keywords that we may use in our article to improve its ranking with few or no backlinks. The TFIDF score indicates how significant a keyword is in the total content, suggesting prioritizing keywords with higher TFIDF scores. Please remember that SimilarContent does not generate random keywords; instead, it pulls them from the top ten websites that score highly for our chosen keyword. These are excellent LSI and related keywords to incorporate into our articles to help them rank higher.

Google SERP Analysis:

This is an excellent part for people looking for practical data to help them enhance their content strategy and site’s rankings. The Google SERP Analysis section displays the top ten Google results for the specified keyword, along with the URL and meta description for each site. Additionally, it provides-
  • A content score for the website, as well as a chart.
  • The number of Referring Domains (RD).
  • The number of backlinks.
For the keyword “AI Writing Software”, we get the following data:
Remember the section on “Backlink Difficulty” stated previously? Backlink difficulty is calculated using a site’s RD and the number of backlinks it has. The website with the most backlinks and RDS is considered higher in the difficulty score. This section shows us how many we will need on average to outrank our competitors.

3. Content Optimizer Tool

The Content Optimizer helps us to craft better content and enjoy a better ranking on Google and other search engines. It’s a live editor that makes suggestions in real-time to improve the content. This is how it appears:
SimilarContent Content Optimizer Tool
SimilarContent Filter Topic
After writing our content, we can copy and paste it into the editor to see how well or poorly optimized it is. Additionally, we can fetch content directly from the URL of our webpage. We can also use this tool to monitor our competitor’s content to determine what primary and secondary keywords they utilize and how they have optimized their content.
Here are some helpful videos to write SEO friendly content with SimilarContent:

4. Similar Headlines:

This tool will analyze your headline and generate our headline’s Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) score. We can get the following result with the headline “Best AI Article Writer 2022”:
SimilarContent Similar Headlines Tool

5. Topic IDEA Generator:

It is an excellent tool for generating new ideas according to our given idea keyword.We can get the following generated idea after giving the idea keyword “Best AI Article Writer 2022”:

SimilarContent-Topic Idea Generator
SimilarContent-Topic Idea Generator

6. Question Analyzer:

This tool helps us in generating new content ideas by analyzing customer inquiries.

7. Content Rewriter

We can save time and money by utilizing the Content Rewriter tool. It converts a single paragraph into dozens of unique, human-quality articles; the best part is that it supports rewriting in over 20 languages.
SimilarContent Content Rewrite

8. Keywords Density:

With this tool, we can find the keywords density of our content. We just need to insert the content on the editing window or fetch content from any web URL. From here, we can find keywords density for both single and long-tail keywords (2 words and 3 words) as follows:
SimilarContent Kewords density

Moreover, with SimilarContent we can find the best keywords for our brand by using the Proven Keyword Scale, which top SEOs widely utilize. In SimilarContent, we can create unlimited sharable links by which we can share our project with our preferred writer without providing them access.

We also can use rank predictor to analyze our content and predict it’s ranking before publishing.

SimilarContent Pricing

SimilarContent is available on a monthly subscription basis. It needs $9.9/month for the basic plan and $19.9/month for the business plan. However, if you want to try it out first, you can sign up for a free trial for 14 days.

SimilarContent AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Appsumo runs a campaign for SimilarContent that is the desired Lifetime Deal. If you want to save your money, this deal is a perfect choice.

But in most cases, the deal doesn’t last more than a week of their launch on AppSumo. So make sure you grab them while you still can.

ONE TIME PURCHASE OF $79.00 $500.00

My Conclusion About the SimilarContent

Without choosing the best keywords when writing our “SEO copy” makes it irrelevant to our audience and old news to search engines.

SimilarContent helps us write content that attracts both our audience and search engines. 

Though SimilarContent has no money-back guarantee, we can use 14 days trial version to test- Is It the Best SEO Content Optimization Tool or Not?

But in my experience, SimilarContent is a strong and intelligent SEO-optimized content writting tool.

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